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LIPS World (Virtual) Conference - A Global Report

22nd - 23rd September 2021 (Virtual)

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Is radical quality possible in the tech industry?

A couple of weeks ago, I was attending a Kaizen workshop that focused on reducing the lead-time for delivering a batch of software features to our customer. At Sipios, we design and code websites serving organizations in the financial sector. For this specific customer, our team would deliver features to end-users on a weekly basis. … Read more

Creating Toyota cultures around the world

“Furuta-san is a monster.” That’s what my boss at Toyota said to me after a meeting with Kiyoshi “Nate” Furuta in late 1983. We had been in a planning meeting during the earliest stages of what would later become known as NUMMI (New United Motor Manufacturing Inc.), the company’s joint venture with General Motors. Nate … Read more

Lean and agile, how they interact

We are living in a time of huge changes, characterized by uncertainty and little predictability. Adapting quickly has never been more important than today, and for businesses around the world this often means to embrace and fully leverage the potential of digital tools. A lot has been said about lean and agile – and their … Read more

Deep dive in a lean digital company #6

Today I am joining Benoît on a project gemba walk. He is doing two of these every week (each sale in this digital world turns into a project, to design and build the app sold to the customer) and he also attends a kaizen debrief at least once a week. When we enter the open space, the … Read more

Prospering, not profiteering

Success is traditionally measured by profit. It is based on profit that a company’s performance is assessed. It is based on profit that investors pick which horses to back. In time, however, we have also learned that an isolated measure of profit drives leaders to put money before morals, swinging performance down a one-way street. … Read more

Building lean into our strategy

Over recent years, Andrade Gutierrez (AG) – an innovative company known for its state-of-the-art engineering – has experienced solid growth. While positive, this has come with its challenges. Bringing knowledge to new business areas and to the people involved in the expansion is no easy task. Given the nature of today’s market, the organization needs … Read more

Lean-powered decision making

Every day, each of us must make decisions. Countless decisions, in fact – ranging from what we are going to have for breakfast to how we should engage with people around us, from what time we should leave to go to the office to how we are going to spend our free time. Our daily … Read more

Andon squares – 5S in the office

I employed an accountant many years ago to head up the debt collection department in the company I was managing. On paper, she had all the skills and experience required for the role, and she presented herself well at the interview. As she settled into her position, I was very impressed with her tidiness. Her … Read more

Lean leadership and Industry 4.0

By generating value for customers while reducing waste, Lean Thinking can help organizations to dramatically improve their competitiveness. Over the past three decades, the adoption of lean principles and techniques has spread to every industry. Essential to the success of these lean transformations is, as we now know, a deep commitment of the leadership team, which … Read more

The way to radical lean

FEATURE – Reflecting on Nomura-san’s recently published book on radical quality improvement, the author encourages us to embrace the spirit of “Dantotsu” to meet the challenges we face as a society. Words: Michael Ballé, lean author, executive coach and co-founder of Institut Lean France Over the years, I have heard many great stories on Nomura-sensei from … Read more

Lean In Public Sector Steering Committee

Amr Abdel-Azim
Chairman, LIPS Steering Committee, Senior Architect at MSU

Renée Smith
Director of Workplace Transformation, Results Washington

Glenn Ballard
Founder, Research Director Project Production Systems, UC Berkeley

Tariq Abdelhamid
Chief Lean PO, Associate Professor of Lean Construction

Paul Ebbs
LIPS2019 Conference Host, Associate Consultant WSP in the UK

Ronan McGlade
Communications Consultant & Managing Director of BoxMedia

Luis F. Alarcón
School of Engineering of the Catholic University of Chile

Victor Roig
Lean Construction BCN by ITEC  Barcelona

Shervin Haghsheno
Head of Institute of Technology KIT,     Germany

Jakob Lemming
Lean Construction

Brian G. Clare
MPM, CEng, BSc (Eng), Dip Eng, MIEI, Technological University Dublin

Prof. N. Raghavan
Professor of Practice Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Christina Levinson
Organisational Development & Change Consultant, Lean Specialist

Vicente Gonzalez
Department of Civil & Environmental Eng at The University of Auckland

Dr. Farook Hamzeh
Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Alberta

Alessandro Orsi
Director of the
Green Building

Lauri Merikallio
Entrepreneur, Consultant and Researcher at      Vision Ltd


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