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Lean gives us wings

INTERVIEW – The lean journey of the Engineering and Maintenance Department of Colombian airline Avianca proves how important it is for leadership to spearhead change.

The enablers of our lean transformation

CASE STUDY – The Hospital de Bellvitge in Barcelona is relying heavily on hoshin and Kata to create a working environment based on collaboration and joint problem solving. Click here to access the content.

Creativity unleashed

FEATURE – A lean coach from Argentina reflects on the transformations he has supported across Latin America and on why lean can help unlock the potential of the continent.  Click here to access the content.

Double interview: 365 and Dreamplace

INTERVIEW – Earlier this month, we attended a Lean Day at Dreamplace Hotels and Resorts in the Canary Islands. We sat down with two lean leaders to discuss the transformations of their businesses. Click here to access the content.

Arrows and loops – the evolution of our management system

FEATURE – A senior executive of a Spanish hotel chain shares an example of how the organization’s management system and visual tools have changed over time. Click here to access the content.

Lean, our “breda” and butter

BOOK EXCERPT – The city of Breda in the Netherlands has been on a lean journey for the past six years. Today we share an excerpt from the book The Lean Government, which sets the scene for the transformation. Click here to access the content.

Solving problems by developing people

INTERVIEW – Top leaders at Chilean company Elecmetal talk to us about how lean has transformed their role in the organization and how capability development is fuelling change. Click here to access the content.

One-time customer, lifelong customer

FEATURE – We start the new year with a reminder to put customers first, always. It is they who make our business and keep our lean initiatives true, says the author. Click here to access the content.

Operation Sunflower: saving Christmas

FICTION – Santa is struggling to locate the many children who are hiding from war to deliver them gifts, until the lean Time Benders come to the rescue and help him understand the problem. Click here to access the content.

Using lean to discharge patients before 12PM

FEATURE – This nurses-led experiment in Barcelona’s Hospital Clinic is proving successful in getting more patients discharged on time and avoiding surgery cancellations. Click here to access the content.

Lean In Public Sector Steering Committee

Glenn Ballard
Founder, Research Director Project Production Systems, UC Berkeley (Retired)

Amr Abdel-Azim
Chairman, LIPS Steering Committee, Senior Architect at MSU

Christina Levinson
Organisational Development & Change Consultant, Lean Specialist

Tariq Abdelhamid
Chief Lean PO, Associate Professor of Lean Construction

Ronan McGlade
Communications Consultant & Managing Director of BoxMedia

Luis F. Alarcón
School of Engineering of the Catholic University of Chile

Victor Roig
Lean Construction BCN by ITEC  Barcelona

Shervin Haghsheno
Head of Institute of Technology KIT,     Germany

Alessandro Orsi
Director of the
Green Building

Sankar Subrahmaniyam

Director - AACE International

Lauri Merikallio
Entrepreneur, Consultant and Researcher at      Vision Ltd

Dr. Farook Hamzeh
Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Alberta

Vicente Gonzalez
Department of Civil & Environmental Eng at The University of Alberta

Brian G. Clare
MPM, CEng, BSc (Eng), Dip Eng, MIEI, Technological University Dublin

Dr. Zofia K. Rybkowski
Department of Construction Science at Texas A&M University


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