LIPS Mission Statement


Lean in the Public Sector (LIPS) is an international forum where practitioners share lessons learned during lean transformation in public sector and non-profit organizations.  Content that educates, informs, and inspires Lean Construction, Lean Government, Lean Service, and Lean Enterprise is a focus of the group.

LIPS Actions

  1. Organize an annual meeting to develop and reinforce the international network of like-minded professionals active in the core mission of LIPS.
  2. Reach out to public organizations by providing training workshops, seminars, and sharing Lean knowledge.
  3. Support the implementation of Lean principles in achieving sustainability.
  4. Provide an international network for practitioners by sharing Lean experience and examples of optimizing sustainable approaches.
  5. Collaborate with other organizations in achieving LIPS mission.
  6. Partner with academic institutions and professional associations to promote the LIPS mission.


LIPS History