6 Ways to Go Lean and Beat the Competition

The Lean Movement is gaining popularity in the construction world, and with good reason–it’s about cutting out waste and increasing value-added activities. Who wouldn’t want that?

Among a myriad of other benefits, removing waste from the process drives greater profits, reduces risk, improves safety, shortens schedules, and improves relationships. Some types of waste as defined by Lean including: 1) Excess Transportation, 2) Inventory, 3) Unnecessary Motion, 4) Waiting, 5) Overprocessing, 6) Overproduction, 7) Defects and 8) Under-utilized Talent. A previous post covered this topic greater in depth.

In addition to tackling these wastes with typical lean processes such as the Last Planner System, 5S, Value Stream Mapping, etc., how can you leverage technology to reduce waste? Below are six categories of technology that you should be looking at.

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