LIPS 2022 Conference (Chile) - A Global Report

November 29th - December 1st

  • Lean in Healthcare
  • Lean in Transport
  • Lean in Utilities
  • Lean in Procurement
  • Lean in Infrastructure

Lean Transformation in Government

  • Lean in Healthcare
  • Transformation in Transportation
  • Empowering People in Utilities
  • Lean Thinking in Education
  • Future of Infrastructure
  • Principles of Lean in Services

Applying Lean in the Public Sector

  • Lean Management Philosophy
  • Leadership
  • People & Culture
  • Inspiring Lean Government
  • Transformation
  • Costumer Focused


Lean maintenance in agriculture

FEATURE – The problems agricultural businesses encounter every day can be solved using simple concepts of lean maintenance, resulting in considerable gains. Click here to access the content.

Lean through four generations

FEATURE – Every lean generational has faced challenges, and it’s critical we understand the context around us if we are to continue to grow our Community, says Jim Womack. Click here to access the content.

Tell me about your metrics and I’ll tell you who you are

FEATURE – Pure and simple management by indicators can be a trap leading us to make decisions that are inconsistent with the real needs of a company. The balance between facts and data is key. Click here to access the content.

Enabling improvement across our healthcare system

CASE STUDY – How do you give hundreds of primary care units the tools and knowledge they need to make improvements? The Catalan Health Service found the solution in hoshin kanri. Click here to access the content.

Process development – Putting the C in PDCA

SERIES – The authors discuss the fifth of six elements in their 6CON process development model – CONfirm – leveraging a robust launch readiness approach to finalize the process while ensuring it meets the targets set in the business plan. Click here to access the content.

An enterprise-wide cultural transformation

CASE STUDY – A Chilean company selling and servicing vehicles and equipment for a variety of industries has made of humility the leading trait of its cultural transformation, with great results. Click here to access the content.

Toyota: differentiation and vitality

FEATURE – Toyota recently achieved the #1 spot in sales in the United States after 90 years of leadership by GM, which shows how capable the lean management philosophy is to overcome difficult circumstances in the market. Click here to access the content.

Post-pandemic hansei

FEATURE – Back on the road after two years, the author reflects on how lean organizations have performed during the pandemic and addresses age-old misunderstandings about Just-in-Time. Click here to access the content.

Seeing problems, four types of them

FEATURE – Using data from a recent piece of research on logistics, the author discusses how Lean Thinking contributes to a more efficient and effective way of dealing with problems. Click here to access the content.

Whittle by whittle

CASE STUDY – This Dutch SME is transforming its picking operation – partly with the introduction of a U-shaped design – to increase the number of orders it can fulfil every day. Click here to access the content.

Lean In Public Sector Steering Committee

Glenn Ballard
Founder, Research Director Project Production Systems, UC Berkeley (Retired)

Amr Abdel-Azim
Chairman, LIPS Steering Committee, Senior Architect at MSU

Christina Levinson
Organisational Development & Change Consultant, Lean Specialist

Tariq Abdelhamid
Chief Lean PO, Associate Professor of Lean Construction

Ronan McGlade
Communications Consultant & Managing Director of BoxMedia

Luis F. Alarcón
School of Engineering of the Catholic University of Chile

Dr. Farook Hamzeh
Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Alberta

Victor Roig
Lean Construction BCN by ITEC  Barcelona

Shervin Haghsheno
Head of Institute of Technology KIT,     Germany

Alessandro Orsi
Director of the
Green Building

Sankar Subrahmaniyam

Director - AACE International

Lauri Merikallio
Entrepreneur, Consultant and Researcher at      Vision Ltd

Vicente Gonzalez
Department of Civil & Environmental Eng at The University of Alberta

Brian G. Clare
MPM, CEng, BSc (Eng), Dip Eng, MIEI, Technological University Dublin


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